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Kathy Christianson

Kathy Christianson was formerly a data processing business executive at the Aetna Insurance Company. She managed a $2 million budget in one of Aetna’s data centers. Under her management there were 4 shifts of workers totaling 88 people. Upon leaving a 23-year career at Aetna, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree program at Central Connecticut State University, graduating cum laud. During this time, she started a home-based business providing flexible services including desktop publishing, resume development and bookkeeping. She pursued a second career as a social justice educator working in middle and high schools providing assembly programs to increase awareness on topics such as bullying, implicit bias, prejudice, discrimination, and hate. Kathy ran a plumbing business for 24 years until it was sold. Duties performed were accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, tax reporting, general reporting, collections, and other actions supporting the business. She currently provides general bookkeeping for 3 small businesses and 1 private person. In her spare time, Kathy is a co-director of a program at York Correctional Institution called Alternatives to Violence Project. She has been there for 15 years. She also leads a spiritual book club which has been together for 15 years.


Kathy believes that the strengths that she brings to Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance are:


    • A strong belief in teamwork

    • Extremely organized

    • Honest

    • Dedicated.


Kathy looks forward to working with the Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance team.

Meet Kathy Christianson

Bookkeeper at the Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance.

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